SCM official statement on the initiative to create a Centre for Economic Health of Ukraine


Коронавирус стал причиной проблем в мировой экономике и экономике Украины. Карантинные мероприятия, направленные на сохранение жизни людей, неизбежно ведут к снижению экономической активности. 


Coronavirus has shaken up the global and the Ukrainian economy. The quarantine measures initiated to protect human lives inevitably slow down the economic activity.

Most governments across the globe are taking important steps to avert an economic crisis, and Ukraine is no exception. Big business commits to providing extensive assistance to the government. Thus, SCM is approaching the President and the Prime Minister with the initiative to create a Centre for Economic Health of Ukraine.

The Centre will consolidate efforts of the government and businesses in finding the tools to keep the Ukrainian economy sound in the current challenging environment.

We propose an urgent meeting of the Centre for Economic Health of Ukraine to consider the supportive measures for:

  • people
  • health care
  • regions
  • small and medium businesses
  • key sectors of the economy.

SCM is ready to assign its top professionals to the Centre and urges other representatives of large Ukrainian companies to follow suit.

A crisis means not only challenges, but also opportunities. The Centre for Economic Health of Ukraine should become a think tank, which will help our country recover and become strong again. We must join our efforts to make Ukraine’s economy stronger and more sustainable.

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