Повреждены здания на Центрально-Доломитном и Восточно-Стыльском карьерах. Закрыта работа на территории УКСиКР, персонал и транспорт переведены на территорию другого цеха. Из-за бомбежки повреждена крыша и возник пожар на центральном материальном складе. Выбиты окна в конторе коммунальной службы и прилегающих боксах. Пострадали от обстрела здания ДОФ-3. Были разбиты несколько подстанций и обесточены цеха.


Some buildings at the Central Dolomite and the East Styla Pits were damaged. The operation of the Department for Capital Construction and Capital Repair was suspended and its personnel and vehicles were transferred to another workshop. Shelling resulted in damaging the roof and setting a fire at the central warehouse. Windows got broken at the communal function office and neighbouring buildings. The buildings of Crushing and Preparation Facility No. 3 got damaged after the shelling. Several power plants got broken and electricity at some workshops was cut. It is very dangerous. The pits and equipment are being impounded. There is no possibility to secure centralised water discharge; the water balance of the area is being upsetting. The plant is having to suspend industry shipments and the operation of metal making plants is under a threat, too.

We have to suspend the operation of our workshops too often, in order to ensure our people’s safety and to prevent them from staying under shelling. The workshops situated within the town boundary are under shelling, too, along with those outside the town limits. Some windows got broken at plant-sponsored Kindergarten No. 7 and its new playground was destroyed. The operation of the kindergarten was later resumed. Earlier, Kindergarten No. 13 was damaged, too. There are a lot of destroyed houses in the town and the neighbouring villages. Some people lost their homes.

“The most terrible thing is that shelling results in people’s sufferings. Two people died in the town of Dokuchayevsk; one of them was our employee. Another employee got wounded. The town residents and children were hurt by bomb splinters. The team of Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant is addressing to all parties involved in the military conflict. Civilians should be prevented from suffering; the operation of the plant, being the principal employer and mainstay of the entire town, should not be suspended. We are making maximum efforts to retain its functionality. Thee town and the flux and dolomite plant shall live and operate”, said Sergey Onishchenko, Chairman of the Board of PrJSC “Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant” and PrJSC “Novotroitskoye Ore Mining”.

Reference PJSC “DFDK” develops Elenovskoye and Stylskoye fields. There are two crushing and concentrating mills to process mineral resources: DOF-1, DOF-2, DOF-3, cyclic-and-continuous flow line. In addition, there is a range of auxiliary shops and services. The company specializes in the extraction and production of limestone and dolomite for the steel, glass, cement, sugar, construction, chemical and other industries. The volume of commercial product sales totals to 5.2 million tons per year.

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