Chief Investment Officer of UMG Investments shared with Forbes Ukraine Investment Guide market trends of 2021.


In 2016, UMG, which used to be a vertically integrated holding company with a managing company and mining assets, adopted a new business strategy, and the company started to transform into an investment one. That decision resulted in significant changes in both the business model and the team.


Believe it or not, agriculture, including livestock breeding, affects the environment almost twice as much as the transportation industry.


Andrii Gorokhov, UMG Investments CEO, shared his insights from the “Responsibility to Future Generations” panel of the Conductors of Changes Forum and the approaches to the implementation of ESG principles by the investment company


Про прозорість бізнесу, нову українську економіку, інтеграцію в світові ринки, планах на 10 років і міфах, які поширюють про SCM, розповів в інтерв’ю «Економічній правді» генеральний директор SCM Олег Попов.


Speeker: Nadia Kaznacheieva, Investment Director at UMG Investments, at Focus on Port panel discussion within the framework of the Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Week.


In December 2020, the ownership of Chasovoyarsky Refractory Plant changed, as it was bought by the VESCO Group, the leading clay producer and exporter in Ukraine.


UMG Investments is pioneering the use of modern industrial recycling technologies in Ukraine


“Waste” and “business opportunity” rarely find themselves in the same sentence. Typically, when someone says “waste” we think of landfills, rubbish on the side of the street, or over-filled municipal bins. Those images could not be further from the truth.