We conduct our business in a responsible way and invest in community development, creating a better future for our country

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We are aware that a sustainable future depends on each of us, so every day we look for opportunities to change the world around us for the better. We are always responsible to our stakeholders. As a reliable and responsible partner for our clients, we offer them effective business development solutions. By investing in social projects that improve the lives of the people in our community, we contribute to a common sustainable and happy future.


Social responsibility is the foundation of all the corporate social programmes we initiate or support. Within our projects, we provide financial, material, and technical support to communities, and pursue initiatives in education, health, and environmental protection.

Today we invest in:

the sustainability of socially significant facilities;
improved material and infrastructure support for preschool, school, and special secondary educational institutions;
support for programmes to promote a healthy lifestyle in the communities where UMG operates;

We organise volunteer events that involve our employees:

environmental events to clean up litter and plant trees;
preparing kindergartens for the summer recreation season;
promoting a healthy lifestyle;
educational projects in preschool institutions.

Confidential Hotline

Our responsible investment also involves creating a safe and supportive work environment. We believe it is important for our employees and clients always to be able to rely on us as a responsible company that conducts business in a transparent, open, and ethical way.
Our priority is to comply strictly with high ethical standards at all levels. For this purpose, a direct feedback line operates at all facilities:
the Confidential Hotline.
We ask that you report any violations of occupational safety and environmental protection regulations, misconduct, discrimination, and corruption to the Confidential Hotline.

You may do any of the following:

Use the web form to send your message:


Email your message:



all calls are toll-free within Ukraine

Leave a written message in the
Confidential Hotline mailboxes

available in all administrative and housing facilities of UMG production units

All communications are confidential and will not be disclosed.