Dry fly ash
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Dry fly ash is formed as a result of solid-fuel combustion at thermal power plants and is collected by an electrostatic precipitator and then screened by an ash separator.

This product has a number of valuable properties enabling its use in various industries, such as construction materials manufacturing, road-building, agriculture, and construction.



Dry fly ash is a finely dispersed material usually consisting of particles ranging from under a micron to 0.14 mm.
It has low cementing properties. By settling between larger grains, it reduces the amount of cement required and increases the plasticity and flow properties of concrete. Dry fly ash can also be used to reduce the segregation and improve the workability of a concrete mix, enhance the water and sulphate resistance of concrete, decrease concrete shrinkage and hydration heat of cement, and improve the compressive and flexural strength of concrete.

By replacing cement, dry fly ash reduces the cost of producing construction mortar, improves the properties of concrete and enhances the strength of materials fully immersed in corrosive water (seawater or sulphate water). It is used in the production of aerated concrete, as it makes power-consuming steam treatment unnecessary and reduces the consumption of Portland cement. 



Product shipment

By rail
By sea (ports on the Black Sea and Sea of Azov)
By road

Dry fly ash is shipped all over Ukraine by road, rail and sea. 

Resource Base

  • Kurakhovska TPP
  • Kryvorizhska TPP
  • Ladyzhynska TPP
  • Burshtynska TPP
  • Dobrotvirska TPP