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We develop existing businesses and also invest in new

About us

UMG Investments was founded by the SCM in 2006 to manage commodity assets. Since its creation, UMG Investments has expanded its range of activities and changed its business model from a management to an investment company.

Today, UMG Investments starts and develops businesses with high growth potential.

The investment focus:

  • Mining
  • Recycling solutions
  • Production of commodity goods and services

The total market value of the UMG Investments portfolio companies exceeds $500 million.


We turn ideas into great businesses and contribute to the welfare of society


We are а leading investment company in Ukraine


Andrey Gorokhov

Chief Executive Officer of UMG Investments

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Maksym Kushnir

Corporate Communications Director

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Today, UMG Investments manages portfolio companies in three areas.


UMG Investments operates on the model of a direct investment fund, which involves investing with the aim of the development and subsequent sale of the portfolio companies. The company invests by entering into the share capital (M&A), creating businesses from scratch (greenfield), and partnering with third parties (joint ventures). UMG Investments provides portfolio companies with management, operational, and financial expertise, which contributes to the increase in their efficiency and market value. Currently, the company is focused on mining and recycling solutions, as well as manufacturing commodity goods and services.

At the same time, UMG Investments considers potential investment projects in other areas, such as agricultural processing, healthcare, light industry, and ITC. As a rule, the company prefers to manage a share in the capital, which allows it to influence the portfolio asset strategy and key operational decisions. The company is ready to join forces with other investors and partners who share its strategy in implementing investment-attractive opportunities.