Volunteers from United Minerals Group held a «green city» event

Around 70 employees of United Minerals Group and clay-extracting assets together with their families participated in the volunteering event "Green City" of SCM Group on October 17.

19 October 2015

The event was held in the cities of Kyiv and Druzhkivka (Donetsk Oblast). In Kyiv, the volunteers cleaned the territory of the park at Podol near the Church of Elijah the Prophet – they cleaned the pathways and flowerbeds from foliage and removed the trash. In Druzhkivka, the employees of the company beautified Svyatogor Park and the Lovers' Site and planted around 50 birches, oak-trees, mountain ashes and around 40 bushes.

"Corporate volunteering events have long become a good tradition for our holding. They are especially valuable as the employees contribute their effort and free time and work to make their city more comfortable and appealing.  We offer all residents and companies to join the similar initiatives, as the order in the city and in the country begins from your own street and common area," says Evgeniy Tsymarman, CEO of coal-extracting companies of UMG. 

The "Green City" all-Ukrainian volunteering event covered around 100 cities and towns, where SCM Group enterprises are located, for the period of October 10-17.  More than 15 thousand employees of SCM Group together with their families and friends participated in the event.

Reference Information 

Clay-extracting assets of UMG (Vesko, Druzhkovka Ore Mining, Ogneupornerud and Donkerampromsirye Firm) are located in the Southeastern part of Ukraine, in the city of Druzhkivka. The clay-extracting enterprises produce 3 million tons a year. The company develops 11 quarries, where it extracts more than 60 sorts of clay. The produced clay is sold in 25 countries of the world to leading global producers of ceramic tiles, brick, bathroom ceramics, refractories and other ceramic products.
UNITED MINERALS GROUP (UMG) is a diversified holding, which works effectively in raw material extraction, production and sales. The company's portfolio is represented by the following products – clays, limestones, dolomites, bottom-ash materials, farming products, mineral fertilizers etc. The company is actively developing new projects in raw material industry, processing of industrial wastes using innovative technologies.

The company was established in 2006 by the Ukrainian diversified group System Capital Management (SCM), which owns 100% of the authorized capital of UMG. 

Additional information on UMG and its enterprises is available at the website of the holding