Administrative and staff changes at UMG

UMG is announcing administrative and staff changes. Dmitriy Anufriev has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, Orest Novoselskiy is to hold the position of Strategy Director and Sergey Melnichenko will now head Commercial Operations.

21 October 2016

On 21 October, UMG introduced a new position: Chief Operating Officer. This will be held by Dmitriy Anufriev, former head of the company’s Strategy department. In the new role, Dmitriy will be responsible for transforming UMG into an investment company, specifically by adapting its structure and business processes to the new corporate model.

Orest Novoselskiy, previously an investment manager at SCM Holding, will become the Strategy Director. Mr. Novoselskiy’s responsibilities will include execution of UMG’s new development strategy and expanding its investment portfolio by finding and developing new businesses.

A commercial unit will be created to integrate sales, procurement, logistics, marketing and promotion of trading businesses. Sergey Melnichenko has been appointed Commercial Director with the main task of integrating and further developing all commercial functions of the company.  


Dmitriy Anufriev has worked with investments and project management for approximately 10 years. In 2012, he became the head of the UMG’s key department responsible for business development and strategic support of existing areas. Before coming to UMG, Dmitriy worked at the analytical department of the Renaissance Capital investment bank and, later, at the Horizon Capital investment fund. Dmitriy Anufriev obtained his degree in International Economics in Kyiv National Economic University.

Orest Novoselskiy has more than 10 years of experience in investment management and strategic consulting. Before UMG, he held the position of investment manager at SCM Holding for three years, and was responsible for promoting the retail business. Before that, Mr Novoselskiy worked at the consulting firm Bain & Company. Orest Novoselskiy obtained his degree in Economics at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Kyiv School of Economics (formerly, EERC).

Sergey Melnichenko has considerable experience in sales management at industrial companies. Before coming to the UMG management company, Sergey was deputy director for sales and logistics at UMG clay extraction assets, such as Vesco and Druzhkovka Ore Mining. Sergey Melnichenko’s expertise includes the successful launch of projects for selling commodities in Ukraine, CIS countries, the US, Europe and Asia. In addition, Sergey has experience starting trading businesses from the ground up. Mr Melnichenko obtained his degree in international economics in Donetsk National University. In 2008, he completed a course in marketing management at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

Founded in 2006 by SCM Group, UMG is an investment company focused on developing businesses in the commodities and recycling sectors.  The company’s portfolio includes five business areas: clay extraction, limestone and dolomite production, processing and sale of CHP by-products, rare and technical gases and trading. UMG’s portfolio companies are estimated to be worth a total of US $400 million.