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Rinat Akhmetov’s humanitarian aid drives to deliver half a million food sets to Donbass in January

Today, on 9 January, the trucks carrying help under Rinat Akhmetov’s humanitarian aid drive have left for Donetsk for the first time this year. The first convoy will deliver 260 tonnes of groceries which include sugar, pasta, cereals and oat flakes to Donbass civilians. Overall, the Centre plans to deliver 8,000 tonnes of groceries to be packed in 500,000 humanitarian parcels. 

9 January 2015

“It is very important for the Centre to implement the plan after the blocking of the aid convoy by the battalions in late December as people in Donbass as well as vulnerable categories of civilians the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is helping to are waiting for this aid,” commented Maksim Rovinsky, a volunteer of the Centre. This is the goal set by Rinat Akhmetov – to help civilians as much as possible. Considering big volumes of the humanitarian aid the Centre strictly monitors the quality of the groceries which are all certified and have not passed their best before date. The Centre cooperates only with reliable suppliers. For example, we supply Aquamarine trade mark tinned anchovies, which is one of the best trademarks for tinned good products. The Centre planned to replace the tinned fish with tinned meat in winter period in order to increase the calorie value of food sets but the blocking of the convoy in December interfered in our plans.”

Before sending the convoy of trucks the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre sent letters of notification to MIA of Ukraine, Road Police, the General Staff, National Security Council, Ministry of Defence, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, ATO HQ, and Dnepropetrovsk Oblast State Administration with the information about the contents of the trucks, their number and number plates. All trucks have the required package of documents and a transparency protocol.

Also, before sending the trucks a representative of Dnepr-1 battalion verified the contents of the trucks and the supporting documents in presence of mass media. Vyacheslav Pechenenko, the commander of Dnepr-1 battalion: “We have checked everything. The contents of the trucks correspond to the information in the documents. These are really basic necessity goods: sugar, cereals and pasta for civilians. The cargo has been sealed and will follow its way without further inspections.”

On arrival to Donbass Arena volunteers will put a sticker “Humanitarian Aid. Not for Sale” on each unit of humanitarian aid. Then groceries will be packed in 14-kg humanitarian parcels which include sugar, flour, sunflower oil, cereals, pasta, canned fish and meat, condensed milk, cookies and canned corn.

The humanitarian aid is meant for the most vulnerable civilians of Donbass and Lugansk oblasts.

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