4 April 2017

In 2016, the flux and dolomite business of the UMG investment company, represented by the Novotroitskoye Ore Mining (NOM) and the Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant (DFDP), increased the sales of limestone products by 24.4% YOY, up to 3.4 million tonnes.

17 April 2015

As a result of the destruction of the railway infrastructure of Dokuchayevsky flux-dolomite plant (Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk Region) the shipping of their products cannot be continued to end users. As a consequence, stoppage of plant operation led to a shortage of raw materials on the market.

1 April 2015

A scheduled rotation of Board members took place at Private Joint Stock Company “Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant” and Private Joint Stock Company “Novotroitskoye Ore Mining” as required by the companies' Charters.

12 March 2015

PrJSC “Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant” (town of Dokuchayevsk, Donetsk Region) has not been operating for over a month already.

9 February 2015

On Monday, February 9, 2015 a shutdown was announced at PrJSC Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant (Dokuchayevsk, Donetsk region). Over the past two weeks the plant and infrastructure of the town and the surrounding area were seriously damaged as a result of military activities. Fortunately, there were no casualties among the plant workers and the civilians.

15 January 2015

On January 15, Alcheieva Larysa Vasylivna, a 1969 year of birth employee of the Security Function of Dokucheyevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant (Dokuchayevsk, Donetsk Region), died after the shelling of a work bus. Other seven people were wounded

9 December 2014

For the recent fortnight, the industrial sites of Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant and the town residential quarters have been under heavy shelling.