Dokuchayevsk flux and dolomite plant suspended

On Monday, February 9, 2015 a shutdown was announced at PrJSC Dokuchayevsk Flux and Dolomite Plant (Dokuchayevsk, Donetsk region). Over the past two weeks the plant and infrastructure of the town and the surrounding area were seriously damaged as a result of military activities. Fortunately, there were no casualties among the plant workers and the civilians.

9 February 2015

Under the current conditions the plant cannot resume production and shipment of products to the customers. Since Monday the staff of the main and auxiliary workshops has been brought to shutdown being paid 2/3 of the set out wages.

Because of active hostilities, power failures occur at the plant, resulting in the vital facilities often remain completely de-energized. Two of the three active quarries of PJSC "DFDK" – the Vostochnyy and Dolomitnyy quarries – are partly flooded because of the dewatering plants emergency shutdown during periods of power outage. Another quarry – the Central one – is on the verge of flooding. Due to the destroyed power substations and damaged power lines crushing and processing plants, electrical mining equipment, electric locomotives are standing idle.

As a result of shelling Elenovka railway station and Elenovka-Yuzhnodonbasskaya railroad haul have been seriously damaged; via this railroad haul the basic products of the plant were delivered to the customers. Due to the destruction of the railway infrastructure for two weeks already the plant has been unable to ship the products to the customers. The lack of supply of PJSC "DFDK" products leads to a significant deficit of flux raw materials at the market, primarily in the metallurgical sector.

Military activities, as well as administrative restrictions imposed by both parties of the conflict on movement of motor vehicles and commodities and materials has resulted in the disruption of vital supplies - from materials for blasting to spare parts for mining equipment.
The company's management is confident that the plant will resume in the future. Despite the announced suspension in order to maintain production and technological potential maintenance crews are continuing restoration work on the vital facilities. The plant will resume full-time job when security threats are eliminated to the employees, power supply and rail infrastructure is restored, as well as the processes of delivery of critical goods and materials needed for production are rearranged.


PJSC “DFDK” develops Elenovskoye and Stylskoye fields. There are two crushing and concentrating mills to process mineral resources: DOF-1, DOF-2, DOF-3, cyclic-and-continuous flow line. In addition, there is a range of auxiliary shops and services.
The company specializes in the extraction and production of limestone and dolomite for the steel, glass, cement, sugar, construction, chemical and other industries. The volume of commercial product sales totals to 5.2 million tons per year.