Our people
Kristian Yerygin
Sales Segment Head

My career at SCM Group started in 2011 with Metinvest Sales, where I was selling rolled steel in Ukraine and later steel exports to Africa and Latin America. In late 2012, I was invited to an interview at the Project Office of UMG — then a very young but promising clay extraction company. This event and the series of interviews triggered by it impacted my life.

At UMG, I started off as a sales development manager responsible for the commercial aspect of new projects, market research and the marketing of new products. When one project moved to an operating business, I transferred to Sales together with the project. This is where I am still working as Sales Segment Head.

My analytical mind helps me analyse situations and their consequences in great detail, and then I use my communicative competences to put what I need into practice.

As I work at UMG, I understand that age is not a critical factor at the company. If you are prepared to work and demonstrate tangible results, then you can make it. Every day I develop skills crucial for my position — the ability to make correct and fast decisions and reach agreement with every team member. Working at Sales, I focus on new trends in the various sectors of the industry and the world in general. Sales is the company’s front office, so we have to be respectable representatives of ourselves and our colleagues to our partners. Placed at the spearhead of the company’s operations, we are the first to respond to changes, and supply the client with what he or she needs now and in the years to come.  

What appeals to me most in my work is when my team launches a product on a new market or signs a supply contract with a new key customer; when the experts I helped take their first professional steps make it big time.

While working at UMG, I have understood that even the “craziest” idea can turn into a promising project. The company appreciates employees who can spot an idea where it was overlooked by others.