Our people
Igor Kobzar

My relationship with UMG started back when I was a very active student who had trained and worked at several companies, often participating in tournaments and educational programs associated with economics in general and finance in particular. In the spring of 2015, a group of my peers and I participated in the Case Championship of the Kyiv School of Economics. UMG representatives were watching us compete. Communication skills helped me draw the attention of the company’s representatives and, as a result, I was offered a work placement at UMG Sales.  

I was confident then that my education and experience were more suitable for the Strategy Department. However, talks with my future supervisor and advice from more seasoned staff helped me make the right choice. I accepted the offer of work placement at UMG Sales and turned a page in my professional career.

The sales position was a true challenge. I had to change my world outlook in part and attitudes to work, to develop new competences and skills. After the three-month work placement, I understood that I wanted to and would continue with what I started.

I have worked at the company for a year now. Every day at UMG offers new experiences, challenging tasks, and interaction with colleagues from different departments, as we are all pushing towards one goal.

It is not only work that we have in common. It will soon be a year since we formed our football team, playing in several tournaments. UMG employees are a team at work and a team out of the office.

UMG is a company of opportunities. Here’s one example. As a new specialist at the company, I was able to work with a top company in the Ukrainian cement industry and our prospective client. My persistence and support of colleagues bore fruit — I succeeded in striking a deal with one of UMG’s key clients. 

Working at UMG, I have come to understand that you should not be afraid of the new, and that students and novice specialists should be active and prepared for tests.