Our people
Evgeniya Savchenko
Compensation and Benefits Manager

There were 20 of us when I joined UMG as an Office Manager wanting to turn to a new page in my career. The risk paid off, as I ended up in a company that values everybody’s abilities and fosters their development. I am living my my dream. I was soon promoted to Training and Development Specialist and, shortly thereafter, to Compensation and Benefits Specialist. The new responsibilities motivated me, and I was “growing” together with the Company. Now, after five years at UMG, I still know the company has exciting and ambitious tasks waiting for me, and that there are people around willing to support me.

My current position reflects my love of people and numbers. For several years now I have been working with administrative structures, incentive systems and staff administration (HR).

I love challenges. My manager knew this when she offered me the lead position in Compensation and Benefits. I was prepared for this and was confident in my abilities.

I get a kick out of new tasks and I like to learn new things. For example, by developing incentive systems for new businesses, I make my own contribution to a project at its very inception. I am immensely gratified when my ideas are implemented, which in turn gives me the desire and confidence to move on.

Working in HR Management at UMG, I understand that my performance depends on how prepared I am to listen to others and hear what they have to say. The company now employs 176 people united by a single vision of results-driven work. I feel a connection among us, and we all even share a sense of humour. I like to gather people around me and do team-building exercises.

I always try to be proactive by meeting high standards and implementing proposals to develop and implement the best practices in my field.

Working at UMG, I understand that it can be hard to change others or oneself, but this is necessary and can be satisfying. It is important not to be shy to ask questions, not to be afraid of making mistakes, to be able to analyse things you overlooked, draw conclusions, and move on. This is what I am about. This what UMG is about.