Our people
Aleksey Afanasev
Project Manager

I joined UMG eight years ago, and in my professional and personal growth, I progressed from trainee to project manager. I received my degree from the Faculty of Applied Economics and participated in the competition for work placement at System Capital Management. Having passed three stages of the selection process, I was fortunate to become a trainee at UMG. Next came new responsibilities, mentoring and professional growth.

I started off working in the back office of the Sales Department, where I mostly worked with export shipments of clay and our clients. As time passed, the company found new markets, and I was assigned new responsibilities. I think everything went well, because I had the support of my experienced colleagues and direct supervisors. Now I know that, if necessary, I can rely on my colleagues, because assisting one another is part of the culture at UMG.

My current position in brief: I turn ideas into investment decisions and routinely operate in the startup mode, where every task brings something new. The skills I gained at UMG help me make decisions promptly, even in uncertain conditions. This is why I never ask questions such as – “where do I start?” and “how to I do this right?” – when I am assigned a new task today (after so many years at the company).

What I enjoy the most in my work is the chance to keep facing the unknown. There is nothing extraordinary for my colleagues and me when it comes to seeking and finding solutions to tasks nobody has never taken on before. I appreciate UMG for giving me the opportunity to work in a wonderful project team. When giving them an assignment, I feel confident that it will be fulfilled efficiently and on time. As concerns working with the UMG team in general, the execution of my tasks largely depends on being able to work with colleagues from different departments.

The company expects that every employee has good negotiating skills and takes personal responsibility for completing a task. Here are valued employees that make decisions after assessing all possible risks. While at UMG, I have understood that it is going the extra mile that really counts. No matter what project you are working on – “being successful” means doing your best, expanding your competences and taking personal responsibility.